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SNOMED update

SNOMED Clinical Terminology in EXACT

20 January 2021
All NHS practices in England are required to use the SNOMED clinical codes for charting patient treatments from 1st April 2021.  
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How to Add Patient Notes in EXACT

18 March 2019
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Boost patient confidence and hit your 45%

23 February 2021
Josh Wren, Best Practice Consultant Manager talks about the impact of the NHS UDA target and how you can lift patients' confidence and encourage.  
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Hitting the 45%

22 January 2021
The government’s insistence on imposing activity targets on NHS contracted practices has caused much dismay amongst the profession. But leaving aside.  
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Supporting you achieve your 45% target for NHS practices

15 January 2021
Reaching the 45% NHS target will be a challenge during this national lockdown, but we are here to help you. SOE has helped practices achieve targets.  
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