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Success is for life!

02 March 2021
Since its launch four years ago the Customer Success Programme has become Software of Excellence’s very own success story. With some 2,500 practices.  
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Secure with our Patient Portal

23 February 2021
At Software of Excellence, you can be assured that your patient’s data is protected.  We provide solutions that are not only secure but are trusted.  
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Create a safe and seamless contactless patient journey with EXACT

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Mitigate fear and risk with technology

01 April 2021
In the final part of our blog series that focuses on advice and tips to support your dental practice in the coming weeks, and to help you start.  
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Gain patient commitment with clear and customer-centric communication

Communication, SOE - Exact, Best Practice, Business Coaching

Gain commitment from your patients

25 March 2021
In this article, we continue our focus on preparing your dental practice for the future, with some helpful advice and tips from the SOE experienced.  
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Zone your diary with EXACT to optimise patient numbers

Practice Management, SOE - Exact, Best Practice, Business Coaching

Diary management

18 March 2021
In the second article in our blog series to help you future proof your practice and prepare for an increase in patients seeking dental care as the.  
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Preparing for the future

15 March 2021
At SOE, we continue to help and support dental practices navigate through the challenges of COVID-19 and the pressure this has put businesses under,.  
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