At Software of Excellence, you can be assured that your patient’s data is protected.  We provide solutions that are not only secure but are trusted to be so by the people using them.

Our Patient Portal processes sensitive data including medical history details and we continue to enhance and develop the portal to deliver the best possible solution for your practice and to your patients.  We have had million’s of patients complete their forms online via our Patient Portal and we are constantly reviewing how it is used. This importantly includes the security measures we have in place, to ensure we exceed basic compliance to provide the most secure option and instil patient confidence.

As part of our ongoing development, we are introducing further security measures to enhance our Patient Portal, focused on protecting Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and Protected Health Information (PHI), whilst maintaining a seamless contactless journey for the patient.

Protecting data

Unfortunately, online data attacks are becoming more common, serious and more intelligent.  Often personal email accounts are more at risk of being hacked. If this happened then they could potentially access the Patient’s details by using a verification code that had been emailed to the compromised email account.

At Software of Excellence, we strive to deliver a product that protects patient data, especially if their email has been accessed maliciously and so we have added an additional layer of security to our Patient Portal, with the introduction of one time SMS Verification codes for patients to log in to the portal.  

SMS verification codes are an industry standard used across many account-based systems and widely understood by users. Mobile numbers are protected behind the patient’s personal device security and are at lower risk of being intercepted. 

Sending the code via SMS to the patient only provides more certainty that the code has been received by the right individual, as the number has been verified by the dental practice. For this reason, we only send verification codes to mobile numbers on the patient file in EXACT.

Talk to us

If you would like to know more about our Patient Portal, and how it can help you provide a secure patient experience then get in touch today. 


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