Further to the recent government announcement, we now know that NHS dental targets will be increasing to 60% in England from the 1st of April, for the next six months.

At SOE, we understand that this brings a fresh challenge to NHS practices, as you look to safely increase capacity in order to hit these new contract year targets and deal with the best way to meet patient demand, optimise appointment books, restart your recalls and instil patient confidence.

If you’re looking to gain further insight into how your practice can achieve this target, please refer to our video on ‘preparing for the new contract year’ or contact a member of our team who will be able to conduct a free business health check

We are here to help you respond to these changes quickly and efficiently so you feel confident approaching the year ahead. In the coming weeks, we will publish more advice and guidance as to how to hit your 60% with tips on how to optimise efficiencies, improve workflows, increase capacity and ensure your appointment book is booked into the future with patients that need NHS dental care.  

In the meantime; you can take a look at our blog here which has some great tips on how to prepare for the coming weeks and please do get in touch today and talk to our team.


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