How to Add a Note to a Patient

1. Patient notes can be created from two different areas within Exact. Firstly, from the patient file, and also from the appointment creation screen. The Images below show both options.


2. To create a note, click on the note icon in either of the above areas. This will bring up the note window.

3. This window will allow you to choose if you would like to make this a pop up note, select a colour for the note (You may decide to have different colours for patient requirements or financial information) and write the content of the note.

4. The ‘Pop up options’ button found in the notes window allows you to make further changes, as seen below.

5. Once you have created your note, press OK to save this. You will need to exit and re-enter the patient file for the note to ‘pop up’.

6. To view the note, navigate to the notes tab in the patient file, notes saved will show here. Above the saved notes area you will see another area (illustrated below) called General Notes. In this section, you can write notes but these will not be locked, time-stamped or auditable. You can also edit existing notes in this area.

How to Add a Note Template

1.The patient note icon can be created from two different areas within Exact. Firstly, from the patient file, and also from the appointment creation screen. The Images below show both options.


2. To add a template note, to save you time in future for regularly used notes, you can press the +1 icon in the bottom right of the window.

3. In here, you can type a description, the content you would like the note to have, pop up options and colour. Additionally, you can select a type, this will allow you to categorise your note templates, allowing you to find these easier going forward.

4. To use your template, you can search for these in the notes window on the right, or use your ‘type’ filter to narrow these down. Click the right chevron and this will move your template to the live content area. Press OK and this will apply the note to the patient’s file.

Disabling and Deleting a Note and Viewing These in Audit

1.To disable a pop-up note without deleting the note from the patient’s file, click the ‘Do not pop up this note in future’ button, as shown below.

2. You can view disabled pop-up notes on the notes tab

3. If you wish to delete the note, this can be done using the dustbin in the bottom right-hand side. You can also edit the note here using the e/d button in the bottom right. From here you can re-instate this as a pop-up note.

4. Any deleted notes will be able to be viewed from audit, if an administrator, you can use the ‘Show Audit’ button in the bottom left to view deleted notes. The audits cannot be deleted.

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