Effortlessly bringing together digital radiographs, video photography and intraoral images to be accessible directly from your patient’s file, Examine Pro is Software of Excellence’s complete digital imaging software solution. 

Smoother clinical work

Compatible with a wide wide variety of camera and x-ray solutions, our DICOM standard application provides a high degree of flexibility that means regardless of the hardware you’ve purchased, your images will be fully integrated with EXACT. Incorporating a wide range of standards and formats, the need for numerous screens and systems to accommodate specific file types can be eliminated, reducing excess clutter and optimising valuable practice space - allowing for other vital specialist equipment that could help further develop and expand your practice brand. Examine Pro (2)

At Software of Excellence, we understand the importance of maximising appointment time with patients. Integrating seamlessly with EXACT, Examine Pro adds any new imagery to your patient’s file automatically, streamlining your workflow and enabling instant access to:

  • ‘Quick-view’ digital thumbnails available directly from the patient’s tooth chart.
  • Useful data such as image type, the date it was taken, tooth notations and the size of the file.
  • Expand thumbnails to full-size detailed images that can be manipulated as required.
  • Display multiple images side by side for easy comparison.
  • Measurement tools for precise analysis.
  • Adaptive image processing techniques that can increase photo clarity and allow greater detail to be seen.
  • A full range of printing options.

Build a ‘complete’ picture

Whether you’re operating as a single or multisite practice, smart image management is what can transform a team’s handovers from good to great. With a combination of advanced diagnostic tools and the ability to attach notes to images, you can be sure that every staff member that the patient comes into the care of will be fully informed to perform the best possible care and patient experience for that individual.

Did you know that 46% of patients leave their dental appointment unaware of their treatment options? 

Increasing your patient’s understanding of their current condition of oral health can ultimately increase treatment uptake and overall success. That’s why with Examine Pro preparing and presenting patient data has never been easier and can be achieved in a matter of seconds. Simply use the image picker to select and export your chosen images, then attach them to an email, presentation or treatment plan - this visualisation introduces a new level of transparency that will not only keep your patients better informed but will empower them to initiate conversations regarding what is available to them.

If you’re interested in finding out more about Examine Pro for your practice, get in contact with our team today and get started with enhanced digital imaging. 

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