As the second lockdown is here, many businesses are closing or providing a reduced service. Practices we have spoken to over the last few days are either inundated with calls from patients asking for information or have seen a dramatic drop in inquiries as patients assume they are closed. In both these cases, the solution is simple, communication.
Let your patients know that you are still open, and their appointments are going ahead. Don’t forget to reassure them with the COVID-19 safety measures you have implemented, to keep them and your team safe. After all, this lockdown does not change anything for dentistry.
Use the tools you already have within your dental software to send consistent, clear, and timely messages without increasing the pressure on your front desk team. Many practices are choosing to use SMS as a way of communicating to keep their patients informed.
The video below outlines exactly how to get an SMS message to your patients that have appointments during this second lockdown. To make things easier we have included a suggested template for you to use.

Let your dental software do what it is supposed to do and reduce time spent on admin tasks
If you have any questions please chat to us using the website or call us  – 01634 266800 (opt 2, opt 1, opt 2)


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