At Software of Excellence, we understand that patient experience tends to be shaped by convenience. That is why with the changes in requirement of NHS Friends and Family surveys coming into play, we want to take the burden off of busy practices and make getting feedback from patients as easy and efficient as possible. For both you and your patients. 

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, the NHS Friends and Family Survey has not been a requirement. As some form of normality nudges its way back into our lives, releasing this survey to patients is now required once more. Patients anonymously complete tests on Clinipad or paper forms provided by the NHS. Your practice then generates a report summary across a minimum of one month and upload the data via the NHS portal. 

Clinipad helps make this requirement as quick and easy as possible - requiring minimum effort from you. To find out how to set up the tests, see;  Clinipad - NHS Friends and Family Test clinipad

The Friends and Family Test is optional for patients and completely anonymous. The data you provide the NHS benefits the Health Services and our country. Any suggestions will be taken on board and acted upon where appropriate. 


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