We are lucky to live in an age where technology gives us the flexibility to access your EXACT software remotely.  However, to help those who have not navigated the world of remote access, we asked our support team for some guidance, and this is their advice:


Sourcing the Software

There are several remote access hardware providers on the market (TeamViewer, LogMeIn, Chrome Remote, etc). Our partner Microminder can also provide you with this widget. We recommend that you investigate each option making sure that they can connect to your system as you require.

If you are using or thinking of using any of these solutions to login to your system and you already have an EXACT license then you will not require any additional licenses. If you need any help configuring the access, we suggest that you speak with your IT company.


Windows Remote Desktop RDP

If you are using Windows Remote Desktop (RDP) then you will require an EXACT license regardless of whether the machine you are connecting to has one or not.  As above we are offering these to you for three months at no charge. If you need to request a remote license please click the link:https://info.softwareofexcellence.com/l/31742/2020-03-25/l38mfv


Where SOE can help

As your software providers we are providing EXACT users with a complimentary license to use remotely for three months to hopefully see you through the lock-down period. As a practice you will need to purchase the widget/connection (hardware) that will enable remote access into the practice from home. If you would like to request a licence please use this link and complete the form here.


More useful information

This useful website has some more information and might help with your decision   https://www.techradar.com/uk/news/best-remote-desktop-software.

If you have any further questions feel free to contact us on  01634 266 800  (Option 2, and then 1), email support@soeuk.com  or contact your IT company who will also be able to help.

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